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Update 05/09/2017

We have bred a fourth **** horse with Dr. turner’s Trevidden finishing 9th at Burghley with Issey Taylor. He was the leading British bred horse at the event, the fastest across country and one of only three inside the time.

Update 29/08/2017

Treason took a hotly contested 7th place in the CIC*** ERM at Blair Castle.

Also at Blair, Tregilder (Royal Concorde / Trewins) a seven year old, took 3rd place in a huge CCI** section with Ollie Townend.

Update 02/08/2017

Trevidden wins the *** at Camphire with Issy Taylor.

Update 01/08/2017

A third home bred horse is a reserve for the European Chamionships. For the Italian team, it is Trebarwith (Hand in Glove / Lily Mar Lene).

Update 17/07/2017

Treason finishes 9th at the fourth leg of the Event Horse Masters competition at Haras de Jardy with Sarah Cohen.

Tremadoc (Miners Lamp / Treswigga) owned by Jo Wilkins wins the Welsh Regional Dressage Prelim Competition.

Tremayle wins a BE100 with Ollie Townend at Tweseldown.

Update 30/06/2017

Both Treason with Sarah Cohen and Trevidden with Issy Taylor have been selected for the long list for the European Championships.

Update 19/06/2017

Homebreds, Trevalgar, Treason and Trevidden have all won *** events in the last three weeks, is that a record for an Eventing Stud?

Update 12/06/2017

Trevidden (Fleetwater Opposition / Assinie) wins the Bramham CIC *** with a double clear inside the time, ridden by Issie Taylor.

Update 04/06/2017

Treason (Hand in Glove / Welton Lady) wins the Event Masters *** in Germany.

Update 30/05/2017

Tregilder (Royaldik / Trecarne) wins her 5 year old qualifier at Shelford Horse Trials.

Update 29/05/2017

Trevidden (Fleetwater Opposition / Assinie) finished 9th in the CIC *** at Houghton Hall with Issy Taylor, in a large class where 21 did not complete and 25 faulted cross country.  Tretawn (Jaguar Mail / Treswigga) did an impressive double clear with Sam Hobbs in the same class.

Trevalgar (Fleetwater Opposition / The Wexford Lady ) wins a CIC *** in Sydney.

Update 15/05/2017

This is the day old Colt foal by Remiro B, dam Tregatta (Fleetwater Opposition / Welton Edwina).


Update 14/05/2017

Treason (Hand in Glove / Welton Lady ) is an impressive 6th in the *** Event Masters at Chatsworth with a double clear, ridden by Sarah Cohen.

Update 30/04/2017

Trevidden (Fleetwater Opposition/ Assinie) wins his Advanced class at Withington with Issy Taylor.

Update 18/12/2016

Tremors (Royaldik / Treswigga) is accepted on the BEF Futurity Equine Bridge programme, as he showed that he could have the potential to become a top international horse.

Update 16/10/2016

Great last weekend of competition at Oasby Horse Trials.  In the Open Intermediate class, Treblare was 2nd and Tretawn was 8th with Sam Hobbs and Valerie Mason’s Trevarth was 6th.  In the BE100 Tregony 111 won her section and Tremlett was 4th in hers.

Update 10/10/2016

Another excellent weekend with a 7th place and another Nations Cup team win for Dr. Patricia Turners ‘Trevidden’ ridden by Issie Taylor.

Our young mares Tremlett and Tregony were both placed in the BE100 at Askham Bryan.

Update 04/10/2016

Tregilder is 3rd in the CCI * at Balindenisk following his win at Bold Heath ridden by Ollie Townend.

Tresoke completed her first Advanced run with a double clear at Little Downham.

Photo of Trebor winning the Four Year Olds at Burghley:


Update 22/09/2016

Trevidden (Fleetwater Opposition / Assinie) wins the Advanced class at Allerton with his new rider Issy Taylor.

Update 04/09/2016

Treason (Hand in Glove / Welton Lady) finishes in 12th place at Burghley Horse Trials with Sarah Cohen, and Trebor (Mighty Magic / Trevilder) a grandson of The Wexford Lady wins the Four Year Old final of the Burghley Young Event Horse.

Update 22/08/2016

Tregilder (Royal Concorde / Trewins) wins the Novice section at Borde Hill with Ollie Townend, and is now Intermediate.

Update 15/08/2016

Trevisquite (Sandreo / Trevilder) qualifies for HOYS Riding Horse – Search for a Star, with delighted owner Samantha Henshaw.

Update 07/08/2016

Treason with Sarah Cohen, is an excellent 5th in the Open Championships at Gatcombe.

Update 24/07/2016

After time off due to injury, Sam had a good first event at Aston le Walls. Tretawn moved up to Advanced points with a steady double clear.

Update 21/07/2016

Trebor, the four year old son of Mighty Magic out of the daughter of The Wexford Lady qualifies for the final of the BYEH with Andrew Heffernan. He is our fourth home bred to qualify this year.

Update 13/07/2016

Treason (Hand in Glove / Welton Lady) finishes in third place in the CIC *** at Barbury with Sarah Cohen.

Update 08/07/2016

Trevargo (Grafenstolz / Coolmore Clarine) wins the four year old BYEH qualifier at Barbury with Michael Jackson.
Tredegar (Grafenstolz / Trebetherick) qualifies for the BYEH five year old final.

Update 25/06/2016

Tremlett (Grafenstolz/ Trewins) wins her BYEH qualifier at Keysoe, kindly ridden for us by Ginnie Turnbull.

Update 12/06/2016

Although our own horses are off the road because of Sams injury, we are delighted to see that Tregilder (Royal Concorde / Trewins) is 7th at the CCIYH* at Tattersalls with Ollie Townend.

Update 21/05/2016

An excellent day at Rockingham, with Tresoke ridden by Sam Hobbs and Treloar ridden by Michael Jackson both taking fifth places in hotly contested sections of CIC **.

Update 13/05/2016

Tregaverne (McGuigan / Trewins) wins the CIC * at Floors Castle.

Update 06/05/2016

This week brought more success for our home breds with Sam Hobbs.
At Moreton Morrell in the Open BE 90, Tremadoc (Miners Lamp / Treswigga) won the class with Tremlett (Grafenstolz / Trevia) in 6th place and Trebellan (Samran / Spicy Lady) in 7th.
At Richmond in the OI, Treblare (Fleetwater Opposition / Coolmore Clarine) took 3rd place on his dressage score.

Update 02/05/2016

Congratulations to Victoria Jackson for her ‘Treloar’ (Jaguar Mail / Coolmore Clarine) ridden by Michael Jackson, who took 2nd place in the Advanced class at Withington.

Update 24/04/2016

Another good weekend for us. Tresoke wins her Intermediate class at Kelsall, with Tretawn taking 8th place in Intermediate. Treforda then takes 2nd place in BE100 at Solihull.

Update 30/03/2016

Great weekend for our horses – at Burgham Horse Trials in the Intermediate classes there was a win for Treblare (Fleetwater Opposition / Coolmore Clarine) moving him into advanced points, 3rd place for Tretawn (Jaguar Mail / Treswigga) and 7th for Tresoke (Treffry / Derrynaflan Rose). All with Sam Hobbs.
At Gatcombe, Treason took 7th place in the AI with Sarah Cohen.

Update 22/11/2015

A third home bred to succeed at four star.
Trevalgar 11 (Fleetwater Opposition / The Wexford Lady) finishes 18th at Adelaide.

Update 19/10/2015

Trelotte (Catherston Liberator / The Wexford Lady) wins a Novice at Moreton Morrel, followed by an Intermediate section at Oasby. A great way to finish the season for Isabella Castle.

Update 12/10/2015

Tregaverne (Mcguigan / Trewins) wins a Novice class at Askham Bryan.

Update 05/10/2015

A good event for us at Osberton International Horse Trials. Three second places in the In Hand classes, Trengwainton in the mare class, her foal Treneare in the foal class and Tremors in the three year olds.
Tretawn and Tresoke put in impressive performances with Sam Hobbs in the CCI 2star finishing in the top 18 in a class of 125.

Update 28/09/2015

Tresoke continues her excellent run with 4th place in the Intermediate at Kelsall.

Update 21/09/2015

Treloar (Jaguar Mail / Coolmore Clarine) is 7th in the 8/9 year old CIC*** at Blenheim.

Update 14/09/2015

New photo of Trefora:


Update 05/09/2015

Treworder impressed at the final of the BYEH, finishing 2nd.

Update 28/08/2015

An excellent day at Richmond Horse Trials for Sam, with two second places in Intermediate sections for Tretawn and Tresoke.

Update 18/08/2015

The judge’s comments were ‘this is a very special foal’, as Trefoil (Cevin Z / Trego) was awarded a very High First Premium at the BEF Futurity. The dam is a daughter of The Wexford Lady and Treffry – full brother of Treason.

Update 17/08/2015

Treason (Hand in Glove / Welton Lady) is 4th in the CIC xxx at Hartpury.
All three three year olds presented for BEF Futurity assessment have gained High First Premiums, making them eligible for the BEF Pathway as four year olds. They are Tremanton (Grafenstolz / Trevia), Trebor (Mighty Magic / Trevilder) and Tremors (Royaldik / Treswigga).

Update 15/08/2015

Tregilder takes 3rd place in his second Novice at Aston le walls.

Update 14/08/2015

Tregilder (Royal Concorde / Trewins) placed second in his first Novice with Ollie Townend.

Update 13/08/2015

Good results over the last few days:
Tremayle (Mighty Magic / Treviscoe) and a grandson of The Wexford Lady qualifies for the final of the BYEH.
Tresoke (Treffry / Derrynaflan Rose) placed 3rd in an Intermediate, and Tregaverne (Mcguigan / Trewins) is 3rd in his first Intermediate.

Update 04/08/2015

Trevidden (Fleetwater Opposition / Assinie) is 4th at his first advanced run at Aston le Walls.

Update 03/08/2015

Treforda (Chilli Morning / Coolmore Clarine) wins a BE 90 at Upton.
Tregolls is third and Trehudreth eighth in the Novice at Little Downham.

Update 06/07/2015

Treworder qualifies for the BYEH final (see sale page).

Update 01/07/2015

At last a photo of Trespa, the Herald 111 daughter of Trebetherick:


Good weekend with Trehudreth placed 5th in the Novice at Carlton, and Treforda 5th in the BE 90 at Skipton.

Update 22/06/2015

Treblare (Fleetwater Opposition / Coolmore Clarine) takes second place in the Intermediate at Catton Park.

Update 21/06/2015

Tregilder (Trewins / Royal Concorde) ridden by Ollie Townend and Treworder (Welton Lady / Grafenstolz) – see sale page, both qualify for the Five year old KBIS Breeding Championships at Catton Park in 2 nd and 3rd places with only 0.2 between them.

Update 17/06/2015

Our last foals have been born:

Trearrdur, a colt by Cevin Z from the mare Trevillett by Jaguar Mail.
See photo below:


Trenear, a colt by Romulus from the mare Trengwainton by Sandreo Treve, a colt by Gemini (clone of the famous TB show jumper Gem Twist), from the mare Treswigga by Welton Crackerjack.
See photo below:


Tresata by Herald 111 from the mare Trebetherick by Bolivar.

Update 16/06/2015

Colt foal for Treswigga, by Gemini (the clone of the famous TB show jumper Gem Twist). See photo below:

New Foal

Trevalgar 11 (Fleetwater Opposition / The Wexford Lady) is placed 5th in a 3 star in Australia.
Treveat (now called Tout de Suite) wins another 3 star in America.
Tretawn (Jaguar Mail / Treswigga) is 23rd at Tattersalls with a double clear.
Trebetherick (Bolivar / Coolmore Clarine) has a filly foal at last, by Herald 111.

Update 09/05/2015

Trehudreth is 3rd in the Novice at Keysoe Horse Trials.

Update 07/05/2015

Another colt foal born, this time by Mighty Magic out of the mare Trelissick by Hand in Glove.
See photo below:

New Foal

Update 03/05/2015

Another colt foal born in the early hours, our first by Herald 11.
The dam is Tregatta by Fleetwater Opposition, whose half brother has just won a Three Star in America.
See photo below:

New Foal

Update 29/04/2015

Latest foal is Trethowan, by Sir Shutterfly out of the mare Trevarner by Treffry, our fifth colt.
See photo below:


Update 27/04/2015

Our fourth foal has arrived, a colt by Cevin Z out of the mare Trego (Treffry / The Wexford Lady).
See photo of Trefoil below:


Tout de Suite ( renamed from Treveat) wins a CIC 3star at Poplar Place in USA with Leslie Law. He is by Catherston Liberator out if Welton Edwina.
Tretawn (Jaguar Mail / Treswigga) is 3 rd in the Novice at Kelsall Hill, and her full brother Trehudreth who is for sale was 4th in the BE 100 at Solihull.

Update 13/04/2015

Great run for Tretawn at Burnham Market with a second place in the Novice.

Third foal born, Tregothan, a colt by Jaguar Mail out of the mare Trevale (daughter of our **** mare Erbium). See photo below:


Update 31/03/2015

Sam had a successful Sunday at Burgham with a 4th place in the Novice with Tretawn (Jaguar Mail / Treswigga) and 5th also in the Novice with Tresoke (Treffry / Derrynaflan Rose).
Our second foal was born at lunchtime today in the field, an unusual occurrence for us. To our delight it is a filly foal by Jumbo from our Hand in Glove mare Trewins.

Photo below of Trewins with her Jumbo filly foal born yesterday. Her name is Tregellis (Genie).


Update 29/03/2015

Successful weekend with Trehudreth winning at BE 100 at Stafford. Then our first foal is born, by Grafenstolz out of Trespen. (Seigneur d’Alleray / Erbium).
This photo taken at half an hour old:


Update 27/03/2015

Treveat (now called Toute de Suites) by Catherston Liberator out of Welton Edwina wins his first CIC *** at Poplar Park in Georgia with Leslie Law.

Update 23/03/2015

Tremeer (Fleetwater Opposition / Carosello) qualifies for Grassroots Badminton with Clare Bosley.

Update 16/03/2015

A solid start to the season at Oasby.
Trehudreth (Jaguar Mail / Treswigga) 5th in the BE 100. – also add to his sale page.
His full sister Tretawn 9th in the Novice.
Tresoke (Treffry / Derrynaflan Rose) 7th in Novice Treboy (Mcguigan / Trebetherick) 3rd in Open Novice with Ollie Townend.

Update 27/02/2015

Open Day
We are having another Open Day at the stud on 9th June. It is in aid of SHB(GB), and open to their members and the members and guests of the Event Horse Owners Association.
Further details to follow.